Dog Training

Dog Behavior Training, AKC Testing and more

About our classes and trainers:

The trainers at Dawgs in Motion are balanced method trainers that use primarily positive reinforcement training (+R). Our trainers are all professionally certified and have all attended training college to earn their certification in training and have mentored under established trainers prior to training on their own. The trainers will work with you and your dog based on their training knowledge and experience and will select the best method for your team based on the needs of you and your dog and on the learning process that works best for both of you. We do not have a one size fits all because every dog/handler team is different. While some dogs need a softer form of direction, others that are more stubborn may need more assistance. Training is variant based on these needs and our trainers will adjust their styles to fit your team. As our trainers are balanced we will always strive to use +R training first but are not opposed to using other corrective tools. The decision to incorporate a tool in your training will always be discussed with the owner/handler beforehand to ensure proper sizing, use, and efficiency.

Dawgs in Motion does not work with aggression cases at the facility. We do however offer in-home and off-site training for dogs with aggression cases depending on the severity of the behavior. Please contact our training team today to see if your dog is eligible for this program option.  

Meet Our Trainers

Amanda Zavadil


Lead for Training, Massage, Swim Instructions & Hydrotherapy

Amanda (Mandie) is the lead trainer at Dawgs in Motion and is also a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College. She is certified in many areas including canine communication and she teaches obedience classes, socializing classes, foundations agility, trick courses, and swimming instruction. Mandie specializes in obedience training and training Therapy, ESA, and Service dogs.

*Available for group, private, & in-home classes as well as in-home canine massage therapy

Ashley Strong


Dog Trainer & Swim Instructor

Ashley is the newest trainer to our training team and has been with Dawgs in Motion since 2019 Ashley teaches puppy and beginner obedience classes, socializing courses, trick courses, and swimming instruction!

*Available for group and private classes