Overnight dog boarding

At Dawgs in Motion we refer to our dog boarding service as nightcamp. We accept all breeds, ages, and sizes! Nightcamp is available 24/7, including major holidays when we aren’t open for regular business. Our Night Camp service provides compassionate care for your dog while you are away. With special add-on activities such as daycamp, individual walks and plays, massage, private training, and swimming in our hydrotherapy pool, your pup will have lots to do! You will receive a full report on your dog, documenting all of their activities while you were away, as well as pictures for our new customers. We have some dogs that may just spend a single night, while others may spend several weeks with us. Your dog will be taken out at least 5 times per day, each time with a staff member to give them some love and socialization. Dogs that are looking to participate in the daycamp add-on must first pass a 2-day evaluation before being eligible for daycamp during a nightcamp stay. These must be pre-scheduled.


What is included in Nightcamp?

All of our nightcampers are let out a minimum of 5 times during their day/night with us. Below is a basic schedule of our nightcamp times for care and let outs. We do NOT have our outdoor areas connected to the kennels. This means that staff take individual time to handle and care for your dog, bringing them in and outside and spending one-on-one time with them during their let outs. 

6:00am – Let out times begin for the morning. Collars and any clothing etc. are placed back on the dogs prior to going out potty. Breakfasts are given along with any treats and medications (if provided). Bedding is checked and replaced if needed, waters are replenished and freshened at this time as well.

7:30-8:00am – Second let outs begin (for dogs that are not participating in our group daycamp add-on – Daycamp dogs start going out for DC at 8:00am for their playtime).

11:30-12:30pm – Third let outs begin for nightcampers that are not in group play. During this time the dogs receive their lunches, medications, and snacks (if provided). Bedding is checked and replaced if needed, waters are replenished and freshened at this time as well.

4:00-4:30pm – Fourth let outs begin for nightcampers that are not in group play. Bedding is checked and replaced if needed.

5:00-6:00pm – Dinners, snacks, and medications are given to the nightcampers (if provided). Waters are replenished and freshened at this time as well.

7:30-8:00pm – Final let outs start at this time. Nightcampers are then bedded down with any bedding provided or requested (no additional charge for requested bedding). Waters are refreshed and snacks, medications, or late dinners are given at this time (if provided). We remove all collars, clothing, bandanas, etc. at this time for the dog’s safety overnight.


 ** Additional extras that can be added on include: one-on-one play time/walk/cuddles (15 minutes), swims (15 & 30 minutes), massage (15 & 30 minutes), daycamp, waterworks massage (30 minutes), and training (30 min/60 min) are done in addition to your dog’s let out times.

 **If your dog does not do well with handling or is aggressive we would recommend that you look into a facility that offers the connected runs for limited hands-on work with your dog.


Scheduling and Cancellations

Set Up: For nightcamp we first need up-to-date policy and vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, & Bordetella) on your dog. You can call or stop in to make your appointment. We require 48 hours notice for nightcamp stays to avoid a late set up fee.

Cancellations: When you set up your reservation a deposit will be taken which acts as your cancellation fee should you cancel at anytime. If you do not cancel, the deposit is taken off of your final total. 

Holidays: Dawgs in Motion is closed for regular business on the holidays. We still take nightcampers and care for them during the day, however, we have special drop off and pick up times. These must be pre-scheduled with the staff and take place between 12:00-1:00pm and between 7:00-7:30pm. If you are picking up on a holiday you will be asked to pre-pay for your stay in advance or at your drop off time.


What should I bring?

Dogs attending nightcamp with us will go through a check in process when they drop off. Every item that is brought with is photographed at the time of check in and labeled to ensure each item is returned at the end of their stay. Dawgs in Motion offers bedding for your dog at no additional charge. We also provide food and water bowls so there is no need to bring your own (unless using a special bowl such as a slow-feeder bowl for fast eaters). Below is a list of items that you should bring for your dog!

* Quick release collar – Flat or Martingale (No break-away collars)

* Non-Retractable leash – nylon, cotton, leather, bio thane, etc.

* Food – Pre-bagged for each individual meal with the date, time, and dog’s name (food not pre-bagged will have a bagging fee!)

*Medications – Medications must be labeled clearly with the dogs name, directions on how to give, and separated into individual bags for each administration. Owners must also provide a mode of administration such as pill pocket, hot dog, cheese, etc. There is an administration fee for dogs receiving more than one type of medication during their stay.

* Treats/Bones/Rawhides/Chews – Labeled for feeding times – Optional

*Bedding labeled with the dog’s name – Optional

*Toys – Up to 3 safe toys labeled with the dog’s name – Optional

Nightcamp Pricing

Nightcamp for Single Dog (1 night covers you for 24 hours from the time of drop off) is $38.00 +tax

Nightcamp for Family Dog (1 night covers you for 24 hours from the time of drop off for the additional family dog) is $36.00 +tax               *Family packs are SPLIT between the family dogs. For example: a family of 2 using a 12 pack will cover each dog for 6 nights. 

Daycamp Group Play Add-On (group pack play during a nightcamp stay at a discounted rate – for dogs that have passed a daycamp group play evaluation – no intact dogs over 2 years old – no females in heat) is $22.00 +tax

15 minute Solo Activity Add-On (15 minute enrichment session with just your pup and the staff) is $12.00 +tax

15 minute Solo Swim Add-On (15 minute discounted swim session in the hydrotherapy pool during boarding) is $20.00 +tax

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We travel a lot and have used Dawgs a lot in the past ~3 years.  We board and use the day camp for our Roxy.  She really seems to enjoy it and will pull us in the door, when we drop her off.  When we pick her up we get a daily report card of who she played with and her attitude that day.  The staff really seems to care about the dogs. So much better than locking a dog in a crate all day with a few outdoor breaks.

Joe Jakubiak

Took Maddie for her first sleep over on Saturday night! She obviously had a great time and I’m sure would have lots of stories to tell if she could talk! I felt very relaxed knowing she was in good hands! The staff is always so friendly! Yes I would definitely recommend! The hours are great as well!

Pam Wilde Woelbing