Dog Training

Dog Behavior Training, AKC Testing and more

Materials to bring to classes and lessons:

~ If we do not have your policy, vaccinations, and training agreement we will not be able to work with you and your dog. ~

* Dawgs in Motion Policy filled out front and back. Must be turned in 24 hours+ prior!

* Vaccinations: Bordetella, Distemper, & Rabies (Rabies if dog is 16+ weeks old) Must be turned in 24 hours+ prior!

* On-Site Training Agreement form. Must be turned in 24 hours+ prior!

* A variety of training treats that are pea-sized (kibble, soft treats, hot dogs, cheese bits, etc.)

* A favorite toy of your dog’s for rewarding and decompressing

* A standard leash 4-6ft in length. We do NOT allow the use of any retractable leashes.

* Any training tools that you plan to use with your dog (Clicker, harness, prong collar, etc.)