Daytime boarding and group play

Getting Started

To get started in our daycamp program you must first fill out the pet summary in full so that we can make an initial evaluation on your dog. Owners must also submit vaccination proof for distemper and bordetella (kennel cough) for all dogs and rabies for dogs that are 16 weeks or older. Once you have filled out the pet summary you can fill out your vet contact information and the remaining information in your customer portal. You will then submit a request for a daycamp evaluation for your dog. Once your request is approved you will receive notification of confirmation and you will then be able to fill out the customer agreement (this is a one time agreement per human customer so if you have already filled one out for a previous pet you will not need to do this again).

Dogs that participate in our daycamp service must be spayed or neutered if they are over 2 years of age. Females that are in season are not able to attend daycamp until after their cycle has completed.

Vaccinations are also required for your dog to attend daycamp: Distemper, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Rabies for dogs that are 16 weeks or older. We also require that your pet is free of fleas and other contagious diseases or parasites. Dogs that are found to have fleas or other dog-to-dog contagions will be isolated and their owners contacted for pick up to keep our guests healthy and safe.


We introduce new dogs to Day Camp slowly over an entire day.

New dogs that are approved to try daycamp will sign up for their first day evaluation. On this day your pup will work with our daycamp manager/supervisor and the daycamp monitors who will evaluate their behavior, temperament, and understanding of basic obedience. Your evaluator will fill out an evaluation form that goes over the dogs willingness to work with staff in the different areas of our facility including our camp rooms and play areas. If your pup does well then they will have a chance to meet some new playmates.

Dogs are introduced one at a time. Their behavior is first observed between fences to provide plenty of space for your canine companion to feel safe and comfortable. Next they are introduced to a single playmate selected just for them for their introduction based on their initial behavior. Dogs and puppies that do well with their first dog will have a chance to meet a second or even third playmate (if they continue to do well), each time getting one-on-one attention with that new pal. If they have a good reaction and are enjoying the time with the other dog we will slowly add more dogs to their group one at a time to evaluate their behavior in larger group settings. This is all done on an individual basis to ensure your dog is having the best experience possible.

Our evaluators take into account the many factors that may affect your dog’s behavior when at our facility such as if your dog is demonstrating puppy behavior, if the weather may be causing a change in behavior, adaptability, and much more. We will not fail a dog unless we have concerns for the safety of your dog, other clients dogs, or the staff. We do our best to try and work with all dogs that come to our facility and offer training for those that need some work in areas such as handling or obedience.

If your dog passes the first part of their evaluation they will have their group play introduction evaluation, which takes place in the afternoon. This evaluation will then test your dog’s compatibility in a pack setting with the other dogs and replicated a normal day of daycamp. We will test to see how your dog dogs being integrated into a group that has already been established while also having more dogs added as the group is formed.

Daycamp Pricing

 Full Day of Daycamp (6 hours or more at the facility) is $38.00 +tax

Half Day of Daycamp (Less than 6 hours at the facility) is $29.00 +tax

Full Day Playdate (6 hours or more at the facility) is $38.00 +tax

Half Day Playdate (Less than 6 hours at the facility) is $29.00 +tax

Full Day Training Playdate (6 hours or more at the facility with a play session and 30 minute training session) is $52.00

Half Day Training Playdate (Less than 6 hours with a 30 minute training session) is $40.00 

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Fun Times at Day Camp


I have a very small dog..9 lbs..and had trouble finding a place where she could actually play with other dogs. My girl gets so excited for doggy daycare and she’s pooped all night! The staff is friendly and my dog shows no fear going there!!

Eileen Richards

Both of my boys, Dinger and Mason, have attended doggy daycare once a week since we got them and they were about 4-6 months old… still love going on a weekly basis. The staff is always very friendly, helpful and accommodating. I trust all of them with my “babies”. They definitely get some extensive play time during the day because they are always passed out on the ride home and for a while after we arrive home. If you are looking for a place to send your dogs for a day or overnight, Dawgs in Motion is the place to do it! You will not be disappointed in this decision.”

Jennifer Ott

We love DIM, our dog has been going to DIM for over 5 years. It’s his home away from home. He loves going to daycare to see all his furry and human friends. I never have to worry when we leave him for night camp, as we know he will be well taken care of.

Stacy Rafferty Ringgold