Dog Training

Dog Behavior Training, AKC Testing and more

Custom Board & Train

Board and Train Cost: $180.00 a day plus add-ons

Discounts offered for extended stays

Dawgs in Motion offers a custom board and train option for our clients! This program is designed to work with you dog intensively over a minimum of 3 days. Length of stay will depend on the behaviors needing work.

Our training team will meet with you for a pre-training consultation to discuss the areas that need work and create a custom training plan for you and your furry friend. During the training process owners will receive updates on their pets’ progress and after the training is completed owners will meet again with the training team for a post-training consultation to go over the training procedures for your individual pet. Owners will receive trouble shooting guides along with a detailed, custom training journal going over all of the dog’s training. 

​Board and train options are available for behaviors including but not limited to:

  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Obedience
  • Socializing
  • Impulse control
  • Leash Skills
  • Therapy Dog Skills
  • Tricks 

Dawgs in Motion does not offer board and train for aggression cases!

Puppy Prep Academy

Puppy Prep Academy Cost: $85.00 a day plus add-ons

Care package, photos and videos, and take home packs are included!

Puppy Prep is a board and train option that we offer in partnership with breeders. Owners who have selected a puppy from their breeder can choose to have their puppy boarded for a minimum of two weeks with our training team. While your pup stays with us they are worked with several times a day on basic obedience skills including but not limited to:

  • Name Recognition
  • Recall
  • Gentle
  • Sit
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Drop-It
  • Leave-It
  • Wait
  • Focus
  • Handling Skills

Puppies are also socialized daily in specially created groups that are supervised by our daycamp managers and training team members! In addition to all of this we also expose the pups to special activities to boost their confidence and aid in socializing including:

  • Assisted Swimming Lessons in the in-ground pool
  • Grooming with our certified grooming team

​Owners are scheduled to meet with the lead trainer for a minimum of 1 hour long consultation session where they are presented with their pups customized training journal, care package, and go over the training procedures used with their individual puppy.