New things at Dawgs in Motion


We have recently updated our prices along with a slight increase. All pricing at Dawgs in Motion will now automatically include tax in the reflected cost. What you see is what you get! No more guessing or having to do math to figure out your sub total, our system will do it for you!

We will no longer accept cloth or fabric dog beds during camp stays. In place of these, we will be offering Karunda Beds. This decision has been made in the best interest of the dogs for sanitary and safety reasons. We want to ensure that the dogs are experiencing a clean, healthy, and safe environment during their stay with us. Due to the nature of the kennel setting we are unable to effectively clean beds when soiled as we have experienced ongoing complications with bedding that can’t fit in our washing machine, damaged bedding such as broken zippers, tears, or bedding fill/stuffing explosions! We understand that some dogs may have a need for additional bedding, and Dawgs in Motion has invested in brand new Karunda Beds for our guests to provide them with a comfortable raised bedding option in lieu of the dog beds that can be effectively cleaned and sanitized for each of our special guests.

As always we can and will still provide you with blankets or comforters for your canine companion if requested.


Events and Visitations

Behavior Health Unit Tuesdays

Our pups visit Ascension’s Behavioral Health Unit on Tuesdays weekly to aid in the betterment of mental and behavioral health by working closely with our training team and the OTs and Doctors to assist in the healing of patience through the use of animal assisted therapy with our highly trained therapy dogs.

April 10th Career Fair

On April 10th Dawgs in Motion will be taking part in a career fair at West Bend High School from 10:00am to 2:00pm. We hope to see you there!

April 21st Tails & Treats Event

On Sunday April 21st Dawgs in Motion will be taking part in an event called Tails and Treats. This event is being featured for Tail Waggers 911 through Tito’s and Concordia. We are excited to be able to support local events such as these and can’t wait to see everyone at this great event!

April 21st Awareness Event

On Sunday April 21st Dawgs in Motion’s sister company Dawgs at Work will be attending an awareness event at St. Matthews church in Wauwatosa. Our lead trainer and therapy dog handler will be attending the event with one of our specially trained therapy dogs, Sophie!

April 24th Wellness Fair

Dawgs in Motion believes in supporting mental health awareness for those in our communities. We will be attending a wellness fair through Silverbrook School on April 24th from 9:30am to 1:30pm at West Bend Highschool in the South Gym.

May 2nd Career Fair

On May 2nd Dawgs in Motion will be taking part in a career fair at Kewaskum High School from 8:00am to 10:30am. We hope to see you there!