Dog Training Classes Schedule

Presently we are scheduling small or private classes until the NEW Training room building addition is complete!!  Call 262-268-8000 to inquire!

All the Puppy Classes are 3 weeks in length and the Beginner Obedience
Classes are 6 weeks in length.

Occasionally there will be changes in the schedule due to customer
demand for a different day of the week or time of the class.


Puppy Purchase/Potty Training – This class instruction is for puppy purchase advice and training. You will learn instruction for potty training, chewing, non-sense barking, jumping up on people, stealing food, etc. This will be a one time 50 minute class with question and answer time. This is a private class upon request.  Please call to inquire.

Puppy Obedience – Does your puppy need to learn the basics such as sit, down, walk on leash, call on command, and learn to play non-aggressively with other pups? If so, this is the class for you and your dog. This class is designed for young dogs’ ages 7 weeks to 4 months old. Remember our youngsters have short attention spans and this class will be adapted to them. This class is a 1 1/2 hour class once a week for a 3-week session. The cost of this class session is $130.00

Beginner Obedience – Teaching your dog the basics in obedience. This is the most important class to build foundation through repetition. These skill will be introduced in a structure fashion and reviewed in some fun games to help strengthen the skills. Some skills include walking at your side without pulling, calling the dog (getting a response the first time), sit, down, stay, etc. Learning how
a dog thinks so that you can break the language barrier and get the results you want to make your relationship great between you and your dog. This class is a 50-minute class once a week for a 6- week session. The cost of this session is $ 168.00

Beginner Obedience Express – We have created a class that gives our customers the same basic obedience curriculum but in a condensed version.  This session has less time commitment than the 6 week course but the class duration each week is a bit longer.  If you have trouble with the 6 week session commitment then this may be the class for you.  This class is approximately 90 minutes long and meets once a week for 3 weeks.  The cost of this session is $168.00

Foundations Agility – Teaching your dog the basics to Agility. Working on focus work, targeting, body positioning, and so much more to prepare you and your dog for all Agility classes. If you have not been exposed to Agility before this will give you the perfect beginnings. This class is a 50 minute class once a week for a 6-week session. The cost of this class session is $132.00.

Agility Level I – Learn the safe techniques of using agility equipment, and have fun doing agility and learning new commands that your dog will understand. Your dog will start on leash and as the dog progresses, the leash will come off. Watch your dog become more confident and increase the drive to complete the agility tasks faster. This class is a 50-minute class once a week for a 6-week session. The cost of this class session is $168.00