Your dog can’t tell you what or where his pain is. Let Shauna’s touch find your dog’s areas of concern and let her use one of her various, caring, therapeutic modalites to improve your dog’s life.

Massage Services are provided by Shauna Schultz.

Shauna graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Bodywork. Her love for animals, guided her to further her knowledge, allowing her to incorporate massage on small animals.

She attended Small Animal Massage and Water Work sessions.

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Jonathan Rudinger, a RN and Massage Therapist, created WaterWork Pet Massage after having experienced and learning about Watsu. Watsu is water, Shiatsu massage, aquatic therapy for humans. There are some differences in Watsu for people and WaterWork for dogs. The main difference is people float, not swim, as the dogs do for a good portion of their session. The dogs will still experience some of the harmonizing of breath between practitioner and dog and profound healing, still hold floats of Watsu provides. The WaterWork Pet Massage special technique was developed with the practitioner using a Tai Chi, steady, flowing walk. As Shauna transfers her weight from foot to foot, she gently pushes or pulls your dog through the water creating wonderful extension and flexion of the spine, joints, muscle tissue and whole body. Side to side motion will be experienced throughout your dog’s body as Shauna turns her torso while supporting your swimming dog. The powerful dynamics of this water therapy sends a wave of healing that touches body, mind and spirit. Nurturing, positive intention, mindful breath, being present and centered for your dog are key qualities the practitioner has to possess during the session. The body is most balanced in water. Being out of gravity and supported by a practitioner can signal to the muscles they no longer need to support the body and a deep relaxation is possible. During these moments of stillness, when your dog is being held, there is a different level than touch where a higher standard of awareness and deep healing exists.

Sooo Relaxing!!

WaterWork encourages fluid stretching, reduces pain and stiffness, speeds healing after surgery or injury, increases trust and raises your dog’s spirits. Your dog will be receiving other benefit the addition of swimming provides as increased cardiovascular activity, stamina, endorphins (feel good chemical)/lymph, blood, interstitial fluid flow, flexibility, ROM, self esteem and confidence.

Massage can be used to enhance your dog’s performance in agility competitions. It can also aid with issues that develop with age, injury recovery, surgery, emotional calming and it helps to gain trust and bonding with people.

The combination of the Hydrotherapy pool and massage is the ultimate treatment for any dog!

Some of the massage benefits are: relieves muscular tension, improves blood and lymph circulation, speeds recovery from injured muscular tissue, decreases pain, increases range of motion, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Treat your dog to all the comforts of our massage service.

Your dog will thank you!

I love being in the water with Shauna!

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