Dawgs in Motion LLC is excited to introduce the 1st in-ground
hydrotherapy pool in the area. Being an indoor pool, our pool will
be available year round.

NEW Pool Membership available!!

Use the pool as much as you want!!!
Call us for details and to schedule an appointment!!

Our pool has 2 resistance jets to help add extra resistance as the
dog progresses in it’s swimming.
The jets are adjustable as far as how much extra resistance we
want to add to the swim.

Hydrotherapy is the best form of non-impact exercise your dog can get. The water
removes 70% of the dog’s weight while it is in the water exercising. Less impact on
the dog’s limbs is helpful especially if your dog is recovering from a surgery or has
arthritis. The warm water helps the dog move more freely and feel better. Help to
maintain your dog’s health year round with a consistent exercise program. If your dog
needs to lose a few pounds or just needs to get into shape, the hydrotherapy is the
best answer.

Our in-ground pool at Dawgs in Motion LLC is 8 ft. wide and 20 ft. long. The pool
contains swim jets to add extra resistance for those athletic dogs that need to
enhance their physical condition. The hydrotherapy exercise may also aid in the
reduction of injury during events such as hunting, agility, and other sports. The pool
has a water depth of 4 ft. 6 inches to accommodate large dogs.

Our facility has a shower and dryer for all dogs to use before leaving the facility.

Custom pool parties for dogs are available!

Water Work Therapy by Shauna!!

Shauna is our Water Work therapist at Dawgs in Motion!