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New at Dawgs in Motion…Welcome Dr. Stephani, DVM

Dr Jennifer Stephani will be coming to Dawgs in Motion a couple days

each month in order to offer her Acupuncture services.

Dr. Stephani has been in the veterinary field for almost 20 years and practicing as a

Veterinarian for almost 11 years.  She has graduated from an acupuncture and

Traditional Chinese medicine course and has been practicing acupuncture for 3 years.


She has experienced many success stories with her clients that have:

  • Seizure History
  • Cushings
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Disk Disease (pain, weakness, paralysis)
  • ACL Tears
  • Etc.

Sometimes owners are trying to avoid side effects or the pet is unable to take Western Medicines or they do take Western Medicines and add acupuncture and herbals

together which can sometimes lead to a better quality of life.

  If you would like to schedule please call 262-268-8000.


Dr. Stephani will be offering a FREE Question and Answer Session on Saturday, May 6th from 11am-Noon. We will also offer $10 off your 1st Acupunture appointment with Dr. Stephani and we will enter you into a drawing for a Dawgs in Motion gift card as well!!  Win, Win !!!