Come in with a dirty dog and leave with a clean dog,
with no mess at home to clean up!

Did you ever want to freshen up your dog in-between grooming
appointments or did your dog get into a mess and needs that extra bath, but
you don’t want to wash them in your own bath tub at home?
Bring your dog to our Self Dog Wash tub!

We have two self dog wash tubs that you can use. For a fee you can bring
your dog in and wash them yourself or for an additional fee you can use
“Baths By Us” service.

We will supply shampoo and towels for your use. You are welcome to bring
your own shampoo if you wish.

We have blowers available so your dog can be dry before you take them
back home.

Our bath tubs are the New Breed Bath tubs made for dogs.
They are very stable and can handle all size dogs.
There is an easy in and out for dogs that are older or may have trouble
climbing up many steps.

Please call to schedule an appointment to use the self dog wash tubs.
Walk-ins for the self dog wash are welcome if the
tubs are available. All scheduled appointments have priority over walk-ins.