Do you want to treat your dog and its friends to a special party for a
celebration of an occasion?

Let us customize a party for you!

We have a training room and a pool that are available for parties. We also
have a large outdoor area that can be utilized weather permitting.

All dogs can use the agility equipment in the training room during the party.
Our parties are approximately 1 hour in length but can be longer if

Customized Pooch Party Themes such as:

Small Party would be 2-4 dogs and owners

Medium Party would be 5-9 dogs and owners

Large Party would be 10-15 dogs and owners

All parties include:
Invitations to guests
Decorations for the theme
Gift for the birthday dog
Treat for each guest
Party hats or bandanas

Additional Party Services:
Games with prizes
Pictures of the party
Video of the Party
Refreshments for the dog owners invited
There is extra cost per dog for the pool room use

Feel free to rent our facility and create your own party too.
Call and let us create a party package for you and your dog!