Dawgs in Motion LLC staff has a wonderful time taking care of your dog at
our Day Camp.

If you are interested in day camp for your dog, feel free to call or e-mail us.
We offer full day and half day spaces. Our full days are considered greater than 6
hours and our half days are considered less than 6 hours.

Our day camp is open Monday through Friday 6am-6pm and
Sat. 7:30am-4pm
There will be an extra charge for late pickups.
We have Sunday Day Camp hours too.
Sundays 10am-4pm

Day camp dogs visiting our facility will have the ability to utilize any of our available
services. Day Camp dogs are able to use our pool and massage services during the
day at a discounted price.

Our activity director for camp will be in charge of good socialization, teaching the
dogs to play well together, exercise indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

The Day Camp dogs will have training mat time for playing together with the option to
play on the training equipment.

When weather permits the Day Campers will also be treated to our outside training
area and will also have time to spend walking around our 2 ½ acre lot with our staff.

All the day camp dogs will also have snack time and quiet time to rest and relax.

Participation in our day camp will allow your dog a chance to release some of their
reserved energy and will provide them with needed socialization and stimulation.